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EXCLUSIVE: Bernard Robichaud Talks American Sunset

Canadian actor Bernard Robichaud first made his mark on pop culture history by portraying the gun wielding maniac Cyrus on both the Trailer Park Boys TV show and its two spin-off movies. Now, Bernard can be seen acting opposite the late Corey Haim, who makes his final bow as a leading man in director Michael Masucci’s thrilling mystery American Sunset. The movie serves as a great send-off for the beloved Haim, and a showcase for Robichaud, who turns in a […]

Upcoming Live Interview

Global Entertainment Magazine with hostess Tina Wilson on April 22nd at 8pm. http://www.globalentertainmentmag.com

Malice Cooper Interview # 2

Just posted up the latest Malice Cooper interview with Bernard Robichaud on the audios page.