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Video Messages by Bernard Robichaud

You can now get video messages by Bernard Robichaud! Find out more details :

Actor Bernard Robichaud makes an announcement

Actor Bernard Robichaud makes an announcement on Boom997 (live video)… [ click here ] And here is another link for another interview (audio)… [ click here ]

Bernard Robichaud interview with Major’s Mess Hall

Major’s Mess Hall interview with Bernard Robichaud – Click to listen

Occhi Magazine Interview

New interview with Occhi Magazine… click here Meet Actor Bernard Robichaud Boston-born, Canadian-based actor, writer and comic Bernard Robichaud, known to fans worldwide as Cyrus, the gun-toting, drug-dealing nemesis from the hit television series Trailer Park Boys, started his life in the spotlight as a sought-after model…that is, until the day he crossed paths with a Toronto talent agent, who insisted he missed his calling and should try his hand at acting. With that advice in mind, Bernard enrolled in […]

Popternative Interview

New interview with Peter at Popternative. To listen, click here.

Interview with Screen Nut

Talked to Screen Nut about Trailer Park Boys and plans for the future.. http://www.screennut.com/bernard-robichaud.html

Interview with Mr Rumsey’s Film Related Musings

Bernard talks with Mr. Rumsey’s Film Related Musings website about Trailer Park Boys, Haven, film, comedy and more – click here

Interview with Geek Chic Elite

Interview with Geek Chic Elite – click here

Interview with Pop Matters

Don’t Legalize It: A Conversation with Bernard Robichaud of the Trailer Park Boys .. read here.

Interview with Red Carpet Crash

Interview with Red Carpet Crash – click here.